What to Look For in Budget Web Hosting

Thanks to technology, most people have taken to the online platform to conduct all their business and that is why everyone with something to show or sell to the world needs to be online.

With the economy crunch however the cost of web hosting is something that most people battle with but it doesn’t have to be this way as today you can get budget web hosting and all you need to know is what to look for in this cheaper options to avoid signing up for unsatisfactory services.

save money on web hosting

Price and packages

By market standards anything below $5 is cheap. Sift through the many services and do your research to see who offers what at what price: this includes support, backups or additional domains.

Look at the packages offered and the company’s specialties in order to see if the company will be able to understand and fulfill your needs. These packages are in terms of shared plans and business growing options. Check out reviews and recommendations of the company prior to signing up.


One also needs to look at the processing power, RAM, and disk space offered by the company. This is in relation to what you want to host, is it a blog or a site with rich content, videos or is it an e-commerce site. The hosting company should allow you to achieve your goal smoothly.

Uptime and Downtime

Look at the uptime and downtime offered but more so the uptime as it will determine your productivity and effectiveness.

Opt for a company that provide long running servers as these are maintained properly and they handles lots of data before needing a reboot. Also check the control panel to ensure it’s easy to use to allow faster configuration of your website when need be.


Get a budget web hosting with as much bandwidth as possible but also consider other services as a company might offer unlimited bandwidth but be unsatisfactory in your other needs.

The company should have a unique IP address to ensure all the devices used in communications can recognize it faster.


It’s very important to check the security features of the web hosting as you need your data to be secure.

Cheaper web hosting mostly have moderate security and you might have to implement additional options to ensure you are not hacked or contaminated with malware as the company will not be liable unless it turned out to be their fault.


Look at the web hosting support offered as it should suit your needs and it’s quite important for those who are not very familiar in this territory.

You can find one with tutorials but ensure you can communicate with them easily when you need something as it will make things easier for you.

Growth/ Flexibility

Compare Singapore web hosting companies before signing up to see the extra incentives that each offer as this could be important for your site e.g. free domain privacy or multiple data centers amongst others.

The company you chose should allow growth and flexibility as things change rapidly and this apply to your needs as well.